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We reviewed only 3 flat irons in this article.
Why 3?
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Skin Pigment Causes and Treatment

Skin pigment disorder is most likely to occur on the face and can take place at any age. Below I have quickly broken down the causes; types and the possible treatment for skin pigment.

  1. Body produces too much or too less melanin (this determines skin tone color) which results in some parts of your skin being either Lighter or Darker than the surrounding skin
  2. Things effecting the melanin levels: Race; Sun Exposure; Drug reaction; your Genes
  3. The biggest contributor is probably the sun followed by medication (such as contraceptive pills)

Main Types:
1: Hyper Pigmentation:
Parts of the skin become darker than the surrounding skin, body is likely producing too much melanin. Often found around the cheek, forehead and chin area.

2: Hypo Pigmentation:
Parts of the skin become lighter than the surrounding skin, body likely to not be producing enough melanin.


  1. See a dermatologist to identify the level of skin pigment and clarify type
  2. Try to avoid sun exposure. If unlikely ensure that you are well protected
  3. Try to identify when the skin pigment started to occur and check to see if you started to take any new or changed medication intake and communicate this to the Doctor or Dermatologist

Do not use skin lightening creams / gels as this is likely to introduce or accelerate any skin pigmentation.

Foot Corns – What are they and how to treat them

If you wear high heels or uncomfortable shoes you most probably like many others suffer from foot corns without even knowing it. They are small bumps or skin build ups – hard skin on your feet (usually occur on the tops and sides of the smallest toe).

How are they caused?

  • The biggest cause of foot corns is excess pressure or friction on your feet, normally as a result of wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes
  • Can be very painful if untreated

Foot Corns Tips:

  • Avoid the wearing of tight or uncomfortable shoes wherever possible
  • Never cut them! It will result in pain like you’ve never felt in your life
  • Gently file away with a good foot corn and callous file (not all in one go, try to spread it over a few months to let the skin recover)
  • If they are painful try a corn plaster before wearing shoes as these special plasters allow the skin to breathe as well as protecting it
  • There are also special foot corn creams that you can buy. They work in a similar way for cracked heels, after many applications they tend to soften the hard skin

Hope this will help reduce any pain that your poor feet have had to put up with, they do so much for us and all they ever want in return is a little tender loving care.

Nail and Skin Care

skin careI’m making all types of new discoveries in the broad world of looking and feeling good. Right now, I am particularly obsessed with LUSH – a skincare brand infamous for their handmade, natural products and green ways. My favorite guilty pleasures there are bath bombs, bubble bars and facial masques. I also love their body wash and soap. I just bought my first bath melt which I’m sure will be amazing.

I got samples of the lemony flutter cuticle cream and Ultrabland skin cleanser (their version of cold cream) yesterday. This is one of those stores you could spend hours in because 1) it’s so pleasant smelling and fun and 2) there’s always something new to discover! My recent favorite products and recommendations are: Miranda bar soap, Dorothy bubble bar and Big Blue bath bomb. I believe the first two are limited edition so they won’t last long. I love LUSH and have been enjoying baths on a whole new level 🙂

Nail care is another area I am paying much more attention. My one and only New Year’s Resolution has already been broken, which was to get a manicure monthly (what a resolution, right?). I stopped biting my nails before New Years (a lifelong habit) so it was a way to reward and motivate myself. However, it’s hard to justify $25 a pop when I have a train case full of nail polish and care items at home.

That being said, I easliy resist biting my nails when they are painted neatly (usually professionally because I paint them much worse). I’ve always gravitated towards OPI and stuck with that but I’ve been branching out lately. Particularly, Zoya, NARS and Lippman Collection. With a pretty coat of paint, I don’t bite my nails which in turn, cause hangnails, ugly cuticles and so on. So, I need to stock up on some good materials so and maybe learn some nail painting tips I can stick to not biting!

Round Brushes: the Basics

round brushes picPeople are often surprised at the amount of round brushes i own. Seriously, it’s kind of ridiculous. I’ve got 3 drawers filled with beauties of all shapes and sizes. Not all round brushes are created equal though. There are plenty of different types of round brushes that are better to use for different types of hair, and in case you didn’t know, a good round brush is essential for a great blow out.

The $2 round brushes at Target or Wal-Mart are a no-go. Trust me, you want a beautiful blow-out? Invest in a great round brush. Today, I will go into detail of all of the different types of round brushes and why some are better than others for YOUR hair.

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What is a boar bristle round brush and what is it used for?

Boar bristle brushes are made of natural boar hair. They help in smoothing hair and preventing damage when blow drying. You want to use a boar bristle round brush on hair that is at least 60% dry. Basically power dry you hair so that it isn’t slopping wet, and then go to town with the brush. Boar bristle brushes are beneficial when round brushing your hair because they help in spreading the natural oils on your scalp throughout your hair shaft, which ultimately leaves a beautiful shine on your hair. These brushes are great for people with thick, wavy hair because the brush helps in adding tension to the hair by creating a firm grip around the barrel which will help hair get smoother and straighter.

What about boar bristle round brushed with nylon quills?

You will notice that some boar bristle brushes have nylon quills in them. These tend to be slightly longer that the boar bristles themselves, and the main reason they are there is to help detangle the hair while round brushing so that the boar bristles can smooth it out.

Why are some boar bristle brushes lighter and some darker?

The lighter colored boar bristle brushes are slightly softer which are great to use for people with fine to medium density of hair. The darker colored brushes are geared more for people with thicker density of hair. They tend to be stronger and stiffer than the light colored ones.

Why should i use the metal round brushes with holes in them?

Those are called vent brushes. The small openings around the barrel, or the vents, allow the air from your dryer to flow through the brush, which will help your hair dry quicker. The metal barrel is also a great tool with these round brushed because the metal retains heat from your blow dryer and lets these round brushes be used like curling irons. The more you use the brush, the hotter it gets, and the hotter it gets, the better curl your hair will get. Vent brushes are generally used for hair styling, and curling, and creating volume. Not so much for smoothing.

What is an ionic brush, and why should I use it?

The “technology” behind an ionic brush is that the negative ions help absorb water, or moisture, into the hair strand which will help in rehydrating dry, brittle hair.

What size round brush should I use for my hair?

Rule of thumb when it comes to barrel sizes (for curling irons, and round brushes): The smaller the barrel, the tighter the curl. So if you have long hair and you are going for a smooth, straighter style, you want to go with a larger barrel. If you have medium hair and you want a “curled” look, go with a medium barrel. For short hair, you can go with either. If you use a larger barrel, you will have more volume and body, and less curl. Go with a smaller brush and you will have more curl.

How do I clean my brushes?

Usually round brushes tend to get a lot of build up of loose hair. Take a rat tail comb and lift the loose hair between the rows of bristles. You could also use a wide tooth comb and “comb” your brush. This will help remove the loose hair too. Then fill up your sink with warm water and some shampoo. Soak your brushes for a few minutes, rinse, and dry.

I feel the need to repeat what I said earlier. A good round brush is essential for a great blow out. Invest it one. Use it properly. Have beautiful hair.

How to Create a Brown Smokey Eye

smoky eye effectBeing a fair gal, I rarely do a black smokey eye. Although I like dramatic eyes, I find it a little harsh on my fair skin. So my go-to is a brown smokey eye. Done correctly, I find it a beautiful (and better) alternative to a black smokey eye.

You can use items from any makeup brand to make a brown smokey eye. I included the exact brands & colors I used as well as the shades so you can replace them with other brands if you prefer.

Primers: Use a primer. I recommend Urban Decay Primer Potion or NARS Smudge Proof eyeshadow base. Line your entire lid with MAC Constructivist Paint Pot. I use the MAC 249 brush to do so.

Liners: Line water line & top lid with a black eyeline. I used MAC eye liner in Feline & Chanel Intense Eye Pencil in Noir. Smudge if necessary (I use NARS 15 brush).

Shadows: Then use MAC Patina (light/medium brown) all over the lid using MAC 239 eye shadow brush. Apply NARS Galapagos (dark glittery brown) with MAC 217 (blending brush) on crease into a sideways v (>) halfway onto lid. Apply Urban Decay Zero (black) on crease lightly using 217. Apply MAC Ricepaper using MAC 239 on brow bone as a highlighter. Apply MAC Sweet Sienna on inner corner of eye & over liner on water line using MAC 239.

Mascara: Apply two coats of very black mascara. I used Fresh Supernova.

Tips: Pair this dramatic look with a light lip. I used Chanel 65 Fluorescent l/g. The key is blending. If the colors seem too dark or not going together, keep blending!