Foot Corns – What are they and how to treat them

If you wear high heels or uncomfortable shoes you most probably like many others suffer from foot corns without even knowing it. They are small bumps or skin build ups – hard skin on your feet (usually occur on the tops and sides of the smallest toe).

How are they caused?

  • The biggest cause of foot corns is excess pressure or friction on your feet, normally as a result of wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes
  • Can be very painful if untreated

Foot Corns Tips:

  • Avoid the wearing of tight or uncomfortable shoes wherever possible
  • Never cut them! It will result in pain like you’ve never felt in your life
  • Gently file away with a good foot corn and callous file (not all in one go, try to spread it over a few months to let the skin recover)
  • If they are painful try a corn plaster before wearing shoes as these special plasters allow the skin to breathe as well as protecting it
  • There are also special foot corn creams that you can buy. They work in a similar way for cracked heels, after many applications they tend to soften the hard skin

Hope this will help reduce any pain that your poor feet have had to put up with, they do so much for us and all they ever want in return is a little tender loving care.


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