Round Brushes: the Basics

round brushes picPeople are often surprised at the amount of round brushes i own. Seriously, it’s kind of ridiculous. I’ve got 3 drawers filled with beauties of all shapes and sizes. Not all round brushes are created equal though. There are plenty of different types of round brushes that are better to use for different types of hair, and in case you didn’t know, a good round brush is essential for a great blow out.

The $2 round brushes at Target or Wal-Mart are a no-go. Trust me, you want a beautiful blow-out? Invest in a great round brush. Today, I will go into detail of all of the different types of round brushes and why some are better than others for YOUR hair.

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What is a boar bristle round brush and what is it used for?

Boar bristle brushes are made of natural boar hair. They help in smoothing hair and preventing damage when blow drying. You want to use a boar bristle round brush on hair that is at least 60% dry. Basically power dry you hair so that it isn’t slopping wet, and then go to town with the brush. Boar bristle brushes are beneficial when round brushing your hair because they help in spreading the natural oils on your scalp throughout your hair shaft, which ultimately leaves a beautiful shine on your hair. These brushes are great for people with thick, wavy hair because the brush helps in adding tension to the hair by creating a firm grip around the barrel which will help hair get smoother and straighter.

What about boar bristle round brushed with nylon quills?

You will notice that some boar bristle brushes have nylon quills in them. These tend to be slightly longer that the boar bristles themselves, and the main reason they are there is to help detangle the hair while round brushing so that the boar bristles can smooth it out.

Why are some boar bristle brushes lighter and some darker?

The lighter colored boar bristle brushes are slightly softer which are great to use for people with fine to medium density of hair. The darker colored brushes are geared more for people with thicker density of hair. They tend to be stronger and stiffer than the light colored ones.

Why should i use the metal round brushes with holes in them?

Those are called vent brushes. The small openings around the barrel, or the vents, allow the air from your dryer to flow through the brush, which will help your hair dry quicker. The metal barrel is also a great tool with these round brushed because the metal retains heat from your blow dryer and lets these round brushes be used like curling irons. The more you use the brush, the hotter it gets, and the hotter it gets, the better curl your hair will get. Vent brushes are generally used for hair styling, and curling, and creating volume. Not so much for smoothing.

What is an ionic brush, and why should I use it?

The “technology” behind an ionic brush is that the negative ions help absorb water, or moisture, into the hair strand which will help in rehydrating dry, brittle hair.

What size round brush should I use for my hair?

Rule of thumb when it comes to barrel sizes (for curling irons, and round brushes): The smaller the barrel, the tighter the curl. So if you have long hair and you are going for a smooth, straighter style, you want to go with a larger barrel. If you have medium hair and you want a “curled” look, go with a medium barrel. For short hair, you can go with either. If you use a larger barrel, you will have more volume and body, and less curl. Go with a smaller brush and you will have more curl.

How do I clean my brushes?

Usually round brushes tend to get a lot of build up of loose hair. Take a rat tail comb and lift the loose hair between the rows of bristles. You could also use a wide tooth comb and “comb” your brush. This will help remove the loose hair too. Then fill up your sink with warm water and some shampoo. Soak your brushes for a few minutes, rinse, and dry.

I feel the need to repeat what I said earlier. A good round brush is essential for a great blow out. Invest it one. Use it properly. Have beautiful hair.


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