Nail and Skin Care

skin careI’m making all types of new discoveries in the broad world of looking and feeling good. Right now, I am particularly obsessed with LUSH – a skincare brand infamous for their handmade, natural products and green ways. My favorite guilty pleasures there are bath bombs, bubble bars and facial masques. I also love their body wash and soap. I just bought my first bath melt which I’m sure will be amazing.

I got samples of the lemony flutter cuticle cream and Ultrabland skin cleanser (their version of cold cream) yesterday. This is one of those stores you could spend hours in because 1) it’s so pleasant smelling and fun and 2) there’s always something new to discover! My recent favorite products and recommendations are: Miranda bar soap, Dorothy bubble bar and Big Blue bath bomb. I believe the first two are limited edition so they won’t last long. I love LUSH and have been enjoying baths on a whole new level šŸ™‚

Nail care is another area I am paying much more attention. My one and only New Year’s Resolution has already been broken, which was to get a manicure monthly (what a resolution, right?). I stopped biting my nails before New Years (a lifelong habit) so it was a way to reward and motivate myself. However, it’s hard to justify $25 a pop when I have a train case full of nail polish and care items at home.

That being said, I easliy resist biting my nails when they are painted neatly (usually professionally because I paint them much worse). I’ve always gravitated towards OPI and stuck with that but I’ve been branching out lately. Particularly, Zoya, NARS and Lippman Collection. With a pretty coat of paint, I don’t bite my nails which in turn, cause hangnails, ugly cuticles and so on. So, I need to stock up on some good materials so and maybe learn some nail painting tips I can stick to not biting!


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